Paris Salon Goes Mobile

Paris Salon Mobile Site
I recently developed a mobile site for Paris Salon using some skills I learned at a previous job.

I’m pretty proud of this one as I was able to incorporate a lot of features from the full site into the design such as a gallery on the main page pulling from the Salon’s Instagram account as well as the same style of price list.

Being able to have clients quickly call in or book an appointment via appointy on their phone should really help out the Salon and once he sets up the rest of his social media accounts I can link them in.

Everything works great on a touchscreen as the scripts seem up to the task. The site was built on PHP, HTML and CSS in a text editor.

One goal for my next mobile site is to have it be fully responsive to the full site. This would cut down on making two edits when the client requests updates.

Over the coming weeks, I believe I will go through other active sites and add in new things I’ve learned. It may not necessarily be profitable, but should beef up my portfolio for sure.